Saturday, September 7, 2013

San Cayetano, the village

You may be wondering where is these folks' penthouse???  Or where is San Cayetano????
San Cayetano is a village in Murcia, close to San Javier, not far from the coast of Mar Menor. I can't say San Cayetano is a little village, because otherwise you will think it is a hamlet with one church and one bar...

The answer is yes and no. "Yes", because there is only one church which I think it is very normal in a Romanesque European country to have only one church in a village and yes, it is of course a catholic church :-) I hope you are not surprised. But also "no", because San Cayetano has more than one bar...

We have a couple of bars, a number of places where you can have a tapas or sandwiches, one very good restaurant, a luxury bakery, a mini-market, a pharmacy, a health center and even a hairdressers.

So, San Cayetano is a very self sufficient Spanish village and, very important, a very lively village all year round. We don't have that symptom of  winter emptiness, which all the shops and cafes are closed... Thanks to the Spanish people and expats who are living here permanently, all the facilities are open all year round... you are never alone :-)

We really like “our” village. Our penthouse is in a new developed residential area on the edge of the village with enclosed car park and a nice community pool.

The village center is within walking distance, where you can find all the facilities. The residential area is a nice mixture of Spanish locals and expats. The village center itself is very Spanish, a good place to practice our Spanish :-) We like to go to those little shops, the services are excellent and people are friendly.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, in San Cayetano we also have a very modern sport center with covered and heated swimming pool in the winter, which is something not very common in Southern Spain.

You can also play paddle tennis there. Since very recently there is also a small gym for work-out the extra kilos / pounds, we gained because all those good food and good life here. 

Opposite our penthouse is the village primary school. This brings also a lot of liveliness and activities around the area. Every morning before 9 a.m. while we are having our breakfast on the terrace, we see many parents bring their children to school, by car or by foot. It can get very crowded here. At 9, the school bell rings. 5 minutes later, the whole street is empty again and tranquility is back :-)

It is funny to see, as everywhere, there are always some children who are always coming late at school. And yes, mostly those are children who are living very close to school. As always and everywhere, people who are close by, come later than people from far away, even in Spain :-)